Vermont Teddy Bear Giant Teddy Bear


Vermont Teddy Bear Giant Teddy Bear – Oversized Stuffed Animal, Lovey Buddy, 3 Foot

More than a toy, this supportive, over sized, floppy Bear is an open invitation to snuggle up and read, or power nap. Unique 3-foot body-pillow inspired shape makes him a great pillow, backrest and comforting companion to cuddle. Super soft fur, weighted paws and a slightly under stuffed body make his Bear hugs even better. Stuffed with love in Vermont, USA using plush fur, soft fabric details and 100% recycled stuffing.


  • DESIGNED TO CUDDLE – There’s no shedding, clumps or coarseness with this 36-inch plush Bear, made with smooth, silky fur to be oh-so squeezable; Soft stuffed Bear has a curled-up shape, a perfect snuggle buddy for reading, sleeping or watching movies
  • BUILT TO LAST FOREVER – Our 3-foot white Teddy Bear is a plush animal you can love for a lifetime, designed to last and stuffed with love in Vermont, USA, using 100% recycled stuffing; Features premium, swirled fur and tan paw pads
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – The second your large Bear comes out of the box, it’s guaranteed for life, meaning any damage can be mended at the bear hospital in Vermont; If it can’t, a new Bear will be sent along with condolences-and a new lifetime guarantee
  • A BEST TEDDY BEAR FRIEND – Super-soft Teddy Bear has an adorable expression, a mix of sleepiness and joy that brings a lifetime of happiness and companionship; Furry, fun plush toy is a thoughtful gift for wives, girlfriends and children
  • OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE BEAR HUGS – “He is so soft and cuddly!” “He is very soft and good quality; I am so happy with this purchase” “This is a perfect pillow for my granddaughter to snuggle on when she sleeps at our house” “Love this Bear!”


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